Providence St. Vincent Intensive Care Unit

Providence St. Vincent Medical Center Intensive Care Unit
Portland OR
14,000 SF

This I-Occupancy remodel now accommodates 16 new ICU Beds and associated support spaces, allowing Providence to care for 33% more critical patients each year. The overreaching project goal was to create a healing environment that produced measurable improvements in patient care and length of patient stays along with enhancing the visitor support experience.  Design elements to achieve this goal included such features as materials to reduce noise levels, stress-reducing furnishings and décor, the use of natural light and details to support infection control and reduce workplace injuries.  

An existing space with minimal as-built information, challenges included major building electrical service conduit in walls, water intrusion along the perimeter of the building, and existing ductwork that required continual ceiling revisions to avoid conflicts. Extending numerous interior walls along with a significant amount of complex electrical and mechanical work was all completed while the suite remained fully operational and without disrupting the hospital’s daily operations.

Find out more about the Providence St. Vincent ICU in this short video from Providence Oregon.